Our story


Meet the Canvins


With 4 generations of butchers behind us, we have learnt best practice from the early days in the butchers shop only a few miles from the farm. We have honed the secrets that allow us to make the very best produce and have also seen how customers care more about where their food comes from and are more educated as a result. We also understand that many more want to purchase their food from source and so we have created Canvin & Catchpole - where the field meets the butcher.
Canvin & Catchpole fresh produce comes direct from the family farm in Bedfordshire. Here our animals roam free and graze on the land just as Mother Nature intended. We also make use of nearly a century of butchery know-how with all beef hung on the bone for a minimum of 7 days and our dry aged products for a further 30.
Not only does this enable us to bring you the very best British Grass Fed meat (and honey) but it also allows us to fulfil our vision for a sustainable future.



Meet Catchpole


Catchpole [ kach-pohl ] 

is a rare surname, being a type of tax collector in medieval England. The name is a combination of Old English (cace-, catch) and medieval Latin (pullus, a chick). It derives from the image that people who owed tax were as difficult to catch as farmyard hens.

Whilst our Catchpole has nothing to do with chickens or tax collecting, it is the name of a unique meadow of ours that is the home of 20 acres of native hardwood trees and just shy of 1 million bees during the summer months. We even plant Manuka trees just for the bees too.
Catchpole symbolises our promise to put nature at the centre of what we do. Every year that goes by we are looking to boost local biodiversity. We keep giving back to the land by planting trees and wildflowers and providing a home for rescue swarms. All our deer and cattle are grass fed and free to roam in beautiful pastures that surround Catchpole.